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"How do you get such genuine smiles and candid moments from your clients?!" This question alone inspired this video workshop, and I couldn't be more excited to share with all of you my secrets to conducting an engagement / couple's shoot!

This video workshop began as a simple "posing guide," but quickly evolved in to much more. As I met with photographers, asked questions on my instagram, and did mentorships, I realized that this video needed to be so much more than just a guide to directing clients. After months and months of preparation, filming, shooting, and notebooks full of ideas + thoughts, this labor of love was born.

So, what exactly IS this online video workshop?

An hour of content, including 2 engagement shoots (2 different times of day, 2 different locations, and 2 different couples), a complete interview, where I answer my most requested questions, and a PDF guide with my go to "poses" (including photos + directions) + my equipment information and why I use what when I do. This is not self filmed. This is a full video production created to ensure quality > quantity (content > duration).

In addition to the posing aspect of my live sessions, I will also go over the ins and outs of preparing + shooting my clients. Lighting, choosing locations, wardrobe, and my exact settings. As you watch my live shoot(s), I will be showing you my camera settings, explaining my approach, how I find the best light, and of course, how I direct my clients. I also have some fun tips included, like how to free lens, and shoot with a prism!

The video wouldn't have been possible without Chris (@goodcostudios), Jenn (with Bespoke Bridal), and my family. We all worked so hard to create this product for all of you, and I am confident that it will bless you + your business!

The video will be accessed online, and you will get the direct link upon checkout. The price of the workshop is $495

Essentially, this is a virtual "mentorship" with me, Monique! The best part though? You get to watch this over and over again, take notes, and you get a guide to take with you to shoots! You can watch this video in your pajamas, eating ice cream, and learn at your own pace. As usual, I won't hold back! No secrets in my approach, as I genuinely want to help YOU and your business grow and succeed!