Nashville Workshop ft Monique Serra Photography + Karra Leigh Photo

Nashville Workshop ft Monique Serra Photography + Karra Leigh Photo

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We are so excited to launch our first ever collaborative workshop, in Nashville TN! Karra and I (Monique) have been friends for several years, and what has connected us, aside from photography, are our desires, passions, and family + faith values. As our relationship grew stronger, we found comfort in sharing our real and vulnerable truths with one another. Our insecurities, struggles, and the hard parts of this industry. Having someone to talk to, who whole heartedly understands the business you're in, is invaluable. Which, got us thinking... 

Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a space where other women creatives could come together, without fear of being judged, or being unworthy, and share their hearts, their dreams, their failures, and grow together in this community and in this business. A space where we could not only talk about our jobs, but our lives as well. Over some delicious rose, maybe some James Bay playing the background, and sweatpants. For sure. 

The more we started daydreaming about this passion and this dream, the more it became a reality. The more our visions started expanding and our creativity started flowing. As amazing as an adult sleepover party would be (and will be), we wanted this to be purposeful in pushing others to their full potential. We wanted to help educate, inspire, and connect others in a way that could help them take their business to the next level. We started drafting timelines, presentation topics, and then... of course, the shoots. As valuable as time, connection, and education are, we know that CONTENT is what we all really need to attract those ideal clients. To put out work we're genuinely PROUD of. So, after a lot of prayer, support, and planning, here we are! Launching the FIRST of what will, hopefully, be an annual event! 

We are excited to announce our business name and website in the next few weeks, but due to the overwhelmingly incredible feedback, we've decided to release the workshop tickets, first come basis. We want this to be intimate. For every single person to leave KNOWING the other people. We want to know every person's name, story, and business. With that being said, we've decided to cap out our workshop at 12 seats. With our assistants, and us, this will keep everything around 15-16 people, in total.  

Dates // June 11-13 (HOWEVER, we can check in to our house on the 10th! Workshop will officially begin around noon on Tuesday June 11th, so if you need to fly in the 10th, we can let attendees check in to our house at 7:30pm!)


So, what IS included?

-3 days of lodging in the cutest Air BNB, only 1 mile from downtown Nashville. 

-All food + coffee + drinks 

-3 shoots (including a styled elopement, trendy engagement, and a surprise one!)



-Swag Bags 

-Honest, vulnerable, real girl talk. Whether you're a mom and you're suffering from mom guilt, or you're trying to quit your full time job and pursue photography full time, or maybe you're going through a rough patch and just need some time to find you again, we want this to be full of heart, love, support, and faith (whether that's religious or just faith in YOURSELF).

We are so excited, anxious, nervous, and READY for this to be out there. We know there are so many workshops out there. And to be honest, really AMAZING ones. We both love being apart of other workshops and speaking at events, and definitely don't plan on stopping that, but what we want to offer is something just a little more unique in what you're getting and (hopefully) leaving with. 

Thank you for being here, for wanting to support us, and encourage us... but mostly, if you're here, that means you want the best for YOU + your business, and that is how you will ultimately grow and succeed. 

We'll see you in Nashville! 


Pricing is $1300 / ticket. 

Deposit is $650

Tickets are non refundable, but transferable! 


Once you sign up, you'll receive confirmation with how to pay your deposit! 


Be sure to add @passionworkshop_ on instagram!